Computer Printers – Setup, Configure and Troubleshoot


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In current times we can’t live without a printer. We could throw a misbehaving inkjet or laser out the window, but what option do we have? Truth be told, we need our printers, It is true almost everyone will have a printer issue.




Need a new printer setup or troubleshoot your existing one that is giving you a hard time?

At Urgeeks we work with printers all the time. Let us come to your site and work on your printer and we’ll get you printing in no time whether it is local Inkjet Printer or Networked LaserJet printers. We work on all different environments whether it is an Apple, Linux or Windows.


Common Computer printer issues can generally be divided into three main categories

  • Hardware problems with the printer like paper jam, printer mechanically failed.
  • Software problems on the computer which is attempting to print,
  • Connection issues between the printer and the computer.

At Urgeeks we Provide onsite support to troubleshoot and fix these problems.




1.Troubleshooting hardware issues



2.Troubleshooting connection problems



  • Local Printers whether is it USB or Parallel connections


  • Network Printers either Ethernet Connection or Wireless Connection<

3. Troubleshooting software problems

Software problems tend to be the most complicated to troubleshoot. Printers require that the proper drivers be installed for both the printer itself as well as the port on which it is connected. If the drivers are corrupted/missing, then the computer won’t be able to interact with the printer at all.


We also provide new printer setup, scanning setup and fax setup for all in one printers. We also provide tutoring and how to work with printers on printing, scanning and faxing.


To receive a quote for your specific model, please contact us with your model information or call us at 240 247 7923