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Computer startup problems

Computer Will Not Start UpIf your computer fails to complete startup, it might stop, or it might display an error message (Windows 7, Vista, XP). Sometimes the computer does not give a particular error message but you know something isn’t working quite right. You might see some of these symptoms;

  • LEDs blink or computer beeps but does not start,
  • LEDs glow, but computer fails to startup or boot, and displays a black screen,
  • LED lights do not glow, display is black, computer does not start,
  • Computer may display an error message on a black screen during startup or boot
  • Computer displays a blue screen or continually restarts
  • Computer displays the Windows logo screen and stops responding

If you suspect your computer is behaving weird or has a problem it is important to contact us at Your Geeks. We can help you get things back up and running quickly with our onsite service. We will send a certified professional to check out your computer the same day, and in most cases you can up and running within few hours.

Computer Crash problems

One of the most frustrating thing can happen when you are using the computer is when it fails to boot up or when an application suddenly freezes or hangs for no reason.

Computer Crash Montgomery County MDWhen Windows stops working, this can be a fearful situation because of the worries that we may lose our data. How can you tell if your hard drive crashed? A computer crash is something we all fear these days but it also seems to be something that is inevitable, random and can be quite frustrating. There are several reasons for hard drive failure, but if you suspect your drive is bad, turn your computer off and call us at Urgeeks.

A computer crash can range from something as small as an application quitting on its own to the dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSOD).  Most often the Blue Screen occurs with software issues such as a corrupt operating system.  In other cases it’s caused by memory issues or incompatible hardware and software.

The other reasons could be the hard drive in the computer has mechanically failed or the boot files may have been corrupted.

What causes a computer to crash?

First, let’s review some of the dark forces at work behind a computer crash. A crash can be caused by a number of things, including:

  • “Fatal error: the system has become unstable or is busy”


  • Blue Screen of Death.
  • Fatal Exception Error. (A problem with your computer’s memory)
  • Parity error messages. (A problem with your computer’s memory)
  • RAM locks up and freezes the computer’s display. (BIOS)
  • Fatal OE exceptions and VXD errors. (Video Card)
  • Computer cannot start (Corrupted Boot Files/Hard drive Crashed/Power Supply)


  • Computer loop on BIOS.(Hard Drive Crashed)
  • Blank screen (Power Supply or Overheating)
  • Black screen of Death (Power Supply or Overheating)

The BSOD is your computer’s way of telling you that something is not right and it can be extremely intimidating and is very apparent. The technical terms the BSOD is a “stop error message” and this is because the error that has occurred is so significant enough that every process on your computer has to come to a stop. Basically, when applications within your OS aren’t behaving correctly the BSoD occurs. Most often the BSoD can be resolved by simply rebooting your computer (PC) system, but if that doesn’t work you should look for expert advice. The BSOD is not easy to figure out and most often there’s no way to resolve it without technicians who have the right tools to diagnose the exact nature of the issue,

At Urgeeks our primary goal is to get your computer up and running with the least amount of inconvenience or downtime. Our technicians are hardware experts skilled in the diagnosis and resolution of hardware problems as quickly as possible. Saving your files is our priority. If we suspect that your hard drive is bad, the first thing we will do is make a duplicate copy of your drive. Once we have a good backup, then we will test the drive and proceed based on the results of that hard drive test.

We provide home service for computer repair less expensive than Geeks Squad, Best Buy, Microcenter and many others. Our philosophy centers on you, the customer. We strive to ensure that you are satisfied with our service. We know that once a customer finds a computer company they trust and happy with their service, they remain with them for good. We realize this and strive to put our customer’s satisfaction above all. Our friendly and personalized services are what set us apart.

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