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Hi, we’re UrGeeks. We’re here to help.

cucstomer helpURGeeks is a company with a team dedicated in providing premium quality Residential computer repair and support services to homes and businesses in Montgomery County and the surround areas.  We are one of the fastest growing companies in the computer repair industry in Montgomery County, Maryland. We offer a safe and convenient online remote pc repair delivery method as well as traditional onsite in-home and in-office service, providing support for PCs, networks, printers, scanners, data backup, data transfer, data recovery, computer repair, laptop repair, virus removal, spyware and malware removal, network security, wireless network setup and hardware support.

As a home PC user you are faced with your own set of unique challenges. New advancements in technology are presented continuously. Everyone knows computer systems consists of a multitude of different hardware components and a varied collection of software and software applications. As such a vast array of possible combinations can make a computer not to work or for things to go wrong. Being able to identify these problems quickly and efficiently is the skill of computer troubleshooting. Home users can encounter apparently unexplained computer failures at any time. These failures are not only frustrating for the user but can also become quite costly.

It is easy for the Home PC User to become overwhelmed, and your computer system to be bogged down or worse yet come to a screeching halt. The Microsoft Certified Professionals at URGeeks are trained to understand the frustrations facing everyday home computer users. Our technicians take pride in their ability to diagnosis your system, perform computer repair, enhance performance with PC tune-ups, and provide safe virus removal, usually faster than you can get to the local repair shop.

UrGeeks is here to save you money and frustration. We at UrGeeks will be able to resolve your problems by identifying and rectifying problems quickly as we have seen it all on a daily basis. Our on-site professionals are certified in various fields of computing and have experience in troubleshooting. All our on-site professionals have few years of experience in the area of troubleshooting.  Over a period of time our on-site professionals have learnt to recognize various symptoms and have learnt how to resolve them. We’ve seen it all. UrGeeks can provide you with the computer troubleshooting you need.