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UrGeeks Philosophy – Customer Satisfaction

satisfied customerOur philosophy centers on you, the customer, and our neighbors in Silver Spring, Maryland. We strive to ensure that you are satisfied with our local services. We know that once a customer finds a local in home computer company they trust and are happy with their service, they remain with them for good. We realize this and strive to put our customer’s satisfaction above all. Our local, friendly and personalized services are what set us apart.

Why UrGeeks

  • Our philosophy centers on you, the customer and your Satisfaction
  • Locally Owned and Owner operated in Silver Spring Maryland
  • Microsoft or Comp-Tia Certified Technicians
  • In-Home Services – Technicians come to your home and fix the problem in your presence
  • Our rate are competitive and cheaper than Geek Squad, Micro Center
  • Same Day Local Service
  • Evening and Weekend Hours for your Convenience


UrGeeks Business Ethics

  • Always keep the high standards of our profession and seek to correct any abuses within the computer service industry.
  • Attempt to fix the customer’s problem the first time.
  • Explain the computer problem in a language or term that the customer will understand
  • Explain to the customer preventive measures that is required to keep the computer up an running
  • Be punctual for all appointment scheduled and inform our customer about appointments delays if it is unavoidable.
  • Suggest and recommend corrective and maintenance services
  • Explain our customers the required corrective solution to existing problems and for preventative maintenance.
  • Provide our customer with a price quote or estimate and time required for work to be performed.
  • Obtain authorization for all work to be done or by other means satisfactory to the customer.
  • Provide an itemized invoice of components and services performed.
  • Furnish the customer with information on any warranties covering components or services.
  • Exercise reasonable care for the customer’s property while it is being serviced.
  • Maintain a system for fair settlement of customer complaints.
  • Cooperate with established consumer complaint mediation authorities.